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Agata Della Torre is an independent Italian fashion designer. Her collections embody the out come of a research carried out on shape which draws its inspiration from 
architecture and art, adopting a new language based on some recurrent variables, as space, antithesis, decomposition and order.
Each item shows the geometric theme it is inspired to and thus presents a specific stylistic identity, recognizable for its neat lines, structured shapes and constructed details. This style mirrors a personality attracted to the innovative, to the unusual, to the conceptual, sensitive towards shapes and their meaning.

The choice of textiles mainly focuses on precious yarns of the Italian tradition (wool, cashmere, silk) and in some cases very different fibres meet within the same context, experimenting new ways of composing clothing items.
Each collection is entirely self-produced in Italy.
The production abides by tailoring canons and is carried out with remarkable care for details and finishing touches Agata Della Torre’s collections have been shown at fashion shows all over the world, including Milan, Madrid and Paris, and appear in international fashion magazines.

Go beyond the traditional shape language, which generally describes spatial relations.

Construe the antithesis as “front/back” or “above/below” to express the same relations by different symbolic means.

Ideally decompose the elements, not to remove their structure, but to give them a new composition.

Avoid amorphous shapes and opt for confer a new structure.

Use the intersection and the overlap between different fabrics and materials as a language which outlines the spatial relations in an unexpected but rigorous way.

Replace the opposition “front/back” or “above/below” with orderly sequences of materials and colours, to emphasize spatial relations in a new geometry.

Identify the single parts through bright and recognisable variables, so that lines, shapes and geometric figures become sign of a reading path which you can begin from every point.

Move along a path not restricted by the map grid, but shaped like a circle, like in a journey of discovery: where the direction is not given once for all, because it is born by exchange of present and future.